Life Science Cluster of Latvia

The Association of the Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry implements project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERAF) “Life Science Cluster of Latvia” (No.

Mission of the Life Science Cluster of Latvia is to unite manufacturers, scientists, as well as other interested parties to solve new social and economic problems with the help of modern research methods and innovative technologies. Also cluster is created to satisfy increasing customer demand for the higher quality and safer chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and functional cosmetics products, as well as healthier functional foods products in the global market.

Purpose of the project is to promote cooperation between the entrepreneurs of the Life Science sector and research, educational and knowledge distribution organisations. Project is created to promote cooperation between other institutions and implement activities of the cluster in areas determined as priority in the Smart specialization strategy. Therefore it is planned to boost the competitiveness, productivity and export capability of the entrepreneurs of the sector, as well as promote innovations and development of new products.

Implementing the cluster strategy, project will improve competitiveness of the members of the cluster – entrepreneurs – in the local and international market. Joint marketing programs for the distribution of products will promote development of the stable market and export capability, ensure cost reduction of the companies and boost productivity, increase investments in research and development.

Activities supported within the frameworks of the project:

  • Experience exchange trips
  • Training of the members of cluster, promotion of international cooperation
  • Participation of the cluster in the European Cluster Excellency initiative
  • Cooperation promotion activities for the growth of sales. Sector reputation campaign
  • Export capacity promotion activities. Purchase of the market data
  • Development of marketing and advertising materials
  • Promotion of cooperation to boost productivity
  • Cooperation in the development and launching into market of innovations and new products or services
  • Human resources. Youth involvement campaign

Implementation of the project started in 2016 and concludes in the end of 2022.

Total eligible costs of the project are 586’584.85 EUR, out of which 498’597.12 EUR is ERAF support.

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