About us


Mission of the Association is to develop life science and materials science industries in Latvia, and increase competitiveness of the related sectors.


Be a driving force of innovations, growth and competition and promote sustainability of Latvia, creating products and services with high added value.


  • Represent interests of members in the state and municipal institutions, organisations of entrepreneurs and employees, international organisations and public in general.
  • Promote competitiveness of the members of Association on the national and international scale, develop business environment driven towards growth and innovations.

Main types of activity

  • Promotion of the recognition and prestige of members;
  • Involvement in the development of conceptual and strategic documents for the development of industry;
  • Involvement in the development and improvement of laws and regulations of the industry;
  • Participation in the upgrading of the preparation of the specialists of industry;
  • Provision of consultations for the members of Association in the professional legislation area;
  • Organising of events to increase competitiveness of the members and raise qualification of the specialists of the related field;
  • Promotion of cooperation between companies, organisations of the related Industries, scientific-research institutions, educational establishments in Latvia and abroad, promoting involvement of members in cooperation projects and inclusion into global supply chains;
  • Promotion of the Good Practice exchange, protection against unfair competition;
  • Participation in the organisations of entrepreneurs and events in Latvia and abroad to promote internationalisation of the parties within the industry.


Industrial innovations

Goal is to support studies, developing new products and technologies in the industry, launching them into manufacturing and promoting cooperation of the research and manufacturing sector, as well as increasing of the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in the industry.

Export capacity

Life Science Cluster of Latvia LifeScience.lv promotes cooperation of entrepreneurs of the pharmacy and related sectors in the development of products with high added value, boosting of sales and productivity of these products, thus promoting also competitiveness in the foreign markets.


Implementing training projects, raising of professional qualification of the employees of the sector in the areas significant to the sector is performed, thus making their work more productive and developing commercial operations, raising competitiveness of the companies of the sector in local and international markets.


Is a global voluntary initiative, within its frameworks the companies of the chemical sector cooperates with the associations to promote their performance in the health, safety and environment areas, as well as increasing confidence and trust to the industry.


Chairman of the Board

Vitālijs Skrīvelis

“PharmIdea, Ltd.”

Members of the Board

Andris Jegorovs

JSC “Olainfarm”

Uldis Rekners

JSC “Valmieras stikla šķiedra”

Marians Ļahovskis

“Tenachem, Ltd.”

Osvalds Pugovičs

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Andžejs Stenclavs

“Kinetics Nail Systems, Ltd.”

Māris Būmanis

JSC “Latvijas Finieris”

Egils Einārs Jurševics

JSC “Grindeks”


Zanda Jurjāne

Executive Director

Inese Jaudzema

Project Manager

Helga Gansone

Assistant Project Manager

Become a member!

  • To become a member of the Association of the Latvian Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, please fill in this application form, sign and send to the e-mail address: lakifa@lakifa.lv.

  • We will review your application in the next Board meeting but not later than within one month after receiving of application.

  • Please contact Zanda Jurjāne for additional information regarding accepting of new members.